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The combination of classic sophistication and everyday comfort, delicious European menu and affordable prices — all this is a restaurant & bistro of the Stolichny shopping mall, a place that combines two formats: day and evening! The place works as a bistro until 4 pm, offering its guests a hearty and inexpensive cuisine. In the evening, it is a beautiful and elegant restaurant, which opens its doors. Guests are plunged into the relaxed atmosphere of the place with a high level of service and an elegant interior. Speaking of which...

Interior: Out of Time

The restaurant & bistro has distinctive decor, which will still be relevant in the future. This is a worthy classic created with an emphasis on the historicity of this place. Minsk residents still remember rich stucco ceilings, sparkling chandeliers with a copper tint… All this has been preserved in the new cafe, adding to that a special comfort and charm.  It is pleasant to be here thanks to an attractive combination of warm brown and chocolate tones, mirrors with baguettes, fabric capes on chairs, a beautiful table setting and a highlight that creates a special atmosphere — paintings depicting old Minsk. Flowers and a snow-white piano add the freshness of such an ancient interior and spacious hall designed for 70 seats. It allows you to organize in the restaurant & bistro any of your holidays!

Your holiday in the heart of the capital!

The indisputable advantage of the restaurant & bistro is a convenient location in the center of Minsk — 52, Independence Avenue. That is especially convenient for those who want to organize a business meeting, negotiations or a business lunch. In addition, the doors of the institution are always open for any of your celebration:

—  weddings;

—  corporate party;

— banquets and buffets;

— birthdays, anniversaries and any family holidays;

— proms, friendly meetings, and so on.

The restaurant & bistro offers not only a separate banquet menu, but a high-quality assistance in organizing special events.

Menu: Classic European Cuisine

The restaurant's menu presents a combination of traditional European dishes with a touch of Belarusian accent. In the restaurant & bistro, you should try speciality "Stalichny Charadzey": a hearty, colorful dish cooked in a clay pot. This is only one of numerous meals. We also offer hot pork, fish, chicken dishes, as well as hot and cold snacks. By the way, it will be difficult for you to deny yourself the pleasure of trying "Stalichny Lasunak" — appetizing crispy mushrooms.

The bar area of the restaurant & bistro deserves special attention: here you are offered to a variety of classic and original cocktails. You will find a "Stolichny" among the latter. This cocktail combines dry red wine, honey and fruits. In general, both the special line of dishes and the classics of traditional European cuisine are presented by hearty meals with favorite and long-familiar tastes. Each new guest in the restaurant & bistro will definitely feel comfortable, as if he/she had been in this place more than once and more than once enjoyed the atmosphere and the reverent attitude of the friendly staff!

Yummy. Beautiful. Better than you'd expect…

Restaurant & Bistro welcomes you!




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Zhur (250/30/2 g) 
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I want to advise everyone. The restaurant is just super. Celebrated there a wedding, I felt like the queen of the ball. The interior reminded the royal hall. Thanks to the cooks and waiters, just great.
Very affordable prices and luxurious interior I was pleasantly surprised. Thank you for a great place in the center.
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